Spear Missions

We customize your mission trips to city, rural, or mountain areas of Mexico. Optional ministry with the Mexican Native Indians in the mountains. We make all the arrangements, allowing you to focus on ministry. Of course you will also enjoy great mountains and city sites while in Mexico.

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

IFES Teams. Matching skills, hopes and availability to just the right slot for European Christian students and graduates for short-term student evangelism opportunities across Europe, from Iceland to Israel, Portugal to Vladivostock.

Disciples of the Rock Ministries

Looking for a woman who feels “Called by God” to work in another country and be bi-lingual speaking in Spanish and English working with women and children who have been abused. Other opportunities also available. Visit website for details.  

Young Life

Since 1941, Young Life International Division has been bringing international and American youth together. Their programs include short-term trips, involvement in overseas schools, bringing international students to the U.S., and various other activities.

Buckner International

Provides residential programs for at-risk children and families; short-term missions opportunities to serve orphans in more than nine countries around the world; church collaborations; child mentorships; foster care and adoption programs domestically and internationally. Children’s summer camp counselors recruited from colleges and universities. Baptist affiliation.

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Physicians, Public Health Workers, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Dentists, Lab or X-ray Technicians, Preclinical or Clinical Medical Students. India, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine.  Nazarene Medical Organization (NMO).

Christ for Native Youth

Our goal is to establish relevant dynamic youth ministry through evangelism and discipleship in indigenous communities in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. We invite volunteers with skills in English, Spanish, Trans-cultural teaching abilities, and mentoring youth going into missions.


Inexpensive one-week trips within the US, Toronto, and Juarez, Mexico. For groups of 5 or more, ages 12 – 19. Native American reservations, small and large towns, and rural locations. 1-800-968-8504 Youth Works Missions.

CHUMA International

CHUMA International is an affiliate of Providence Health International. They collect, calibrate, and send a wide variety of medical equipment and supplies to the developing world.

Harvest Ministries Of Minnesota

We partner with a church in Reynosa Mexico, assisting them in all aspects of ministry. You train your church group to be effective communicators of the gospel through whatever methods you choose, and we manage all arrangements: travel, housing, ministry sites, food, etc. Trips year round (Christmas and Spring break, etc.)

World Indigenous Missions

We do short term missions into Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, China, Spain, South-East Asia, Russia, Romania, Philippines, and more. The opportunities are endless. You participate in evangelizing, medical missions, children’s ministry, city outreaches, rural ministry, etc.

Commission To Every Nation

Short term work alongside established missionaries in the Philippines, Guatemala, Southern Mexico, Costa Rica, Poland, Cameroon, India. Group service projects include light construction, medical, mercy ministry, evangelism, Children’s Church, VBS, etc.

WEC International (U.S. Office)

Active in over 80 countries, WEC (Worldwide Evangelization for Christ) is one of the largest interdenominational mission-sending agencies. WEC arranges short and longer-term mission trips. WEC also helped produce an excellent 978 page book that covers every country from a Christian perspective. It is entitled Operation World, and the most recent edition was in 2010.

Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services is the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. Catholic Relief Services assists the poor and vulnerable overseas. We promote human development by responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful and just societies; and serving Catholics in the United States as they live their […]

UIM Aviation

We serve many tribal groups in Mexico who are yet without God’s Word in their own language. Missionaries are translating Scripture, others are learning obscure languages, others still are making contact with new groups. There are yet unreached tribes and languages to be discovered within the rugged territory we serve.

Samaritan Aviation

Samaritan Aviation provides humanitarian and ministry services in Papua New Guinea using amphibious airplanes. Includes providing medical care for those who would otherwise go without. There is a high infant mortality rate and a low life expectancy rate caused primarily by the lack of adequate health care. Also serve in Baja, Mexico.

City of Angels Children’s Home

Provides a much needed place to live, food and a chance to go to school for children lacking a safe or loving home. Groups welcomed for a weekend or a week to work on any of the many projects. Contribute your talents, skills and resources to some special way to the children.

Christian Medical and Dental Society’s Global Health Outreach Program

Short term medical and dental outreaches to a variety of nations. Pre-med, other health care majors, and those without medical training can be useful in support roles. Some scholarships may be available. More here.Christian Medical and Dental Society’s Global Health Outreach Program. Short term medical and dental outreaches to a variety of nations. Those without […]

Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities

We provide care and support to abandoned children and young adults in professional learning and development environments. We welcome volunteers (both professional and non-professional) to help our staff provide opportunities for the children to develop their physical, mental and social skills.

Congregation of St. John

The Catholic Community of St. John in Saltillo, Mexico has an urgent need for volunteers who will live in Community homes with poor children (helping with schoolwork), visit and pray with families in the surrounding areas, provide medicine, operate a soup kitchen, and so forth. Skills of all kinds are useful. Roman Catholic

The Chiapas Project

One week medical and dental trips serve the Zoque people of Chiapas, Mexico. Medical and dental students, high school and older kids and other non-medical people welcomed too.

YWAM Nashville

We direct short-term trips for groups and individuals to China, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, and the USA. Trips include basic training and opportunity to minister through work projects, childrens’ ministry, and street evangelism. Schools also available.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief works to improve the health and lives of people living in developing countries and people victimized by disaster or war. We support locally run facilities, hospitals, and programs that provide health services with essential material resources – medicines, vitamins and nutritional supplements, supplies, and equipment.

Christian Advance International

A ministry dedicated to reaching young children in Mexico City and Belize with the gospel of Jesus Christ! We have perhaps the largest Sidewalk Sunday School program in the world, reaching over 40,000 children on a consistent basis. We also host short term missions teams for street children.