Medical Missions Outreach

Medical mission trips are among some of the hardest to fill. Because many doctors and dentists have hectic schedules finding those willing to take a few weeks off of their practice can be tough. However, even in their rush and bustle lifestyle, those who answer to a higher calling gather in the midst of the noise to find His voice in the quiet.

From those who cannot afford medical care locally to those who have no access to medications and surgeries in third world countries, medical mission trips are an essential part of the body of Christ. From those who speak another language to those who speak your own . . . but somehow march to a different drummer . . . we reach out our hands to be HIS hands and do the work of our Father.

If you are a medical worker or even a child-life and patient expert, the following is a list of medical mission trips that might be of interest to you.

‘’And Jesus answering said unto them, ‘’They that are whole have no need of a physician; but they that are sick.” Luke 5:31 ERV

World Out Reach

Trips as short as over-the-weekend to Mexican locations near California border, for all health care professionals, students, others interested in helping in a medically- oriented effort to help the needy. Teens okay.

Harvest Asia

(Indonesia and Southeast Asia) Ministry Opportunities for qualified educators. We provide assistance in locating Christian jobs, and help sending find support for their missionaries from other agencies, churches, and mission groups. We also provide training and internship programs. Vacancy list on web site. ESL teachers, Academic Teachers, Mandarin Teachers, and Medical Doctors needed in West […]

Haiti Outreach Ministries

Both medical personnel and lay persons are needed for short term trips to our clinics in Cite Soleil, Terre Noire, and Source Matelas areas of greater Port au Prince. Physicians include ob/gyn, ER, pediatric, and dentists. Nurses and paramedics and EMTs are also needed. Short trips to Cite Soleil, Terre Noire, and Source Matelas areas […]

Corner of Love

We lead 8 and 9 day medical, dental, and vision teams to Nicaragua 3 times each year. You DON’T have to be a licensed provider, although that’s always a plus. If you have love to give, you are equipped to serve. There is a job for everybody of all ages, including families. Based in Washington […]

New Reality International NRI

New Reality International (NRI) provides health care (medical/dental/surgical), shelter, basic human services and vocational training to those suffering from extreme poverty. NRI serves in Haiti, South America, Central America, Africa, and India.Volunteer health care professionals and students in the medical and dental fields please contact us.

Cross Road Medical Center

Southern Alaska. For more than 50 years, the only MD level provider of health care for an area that is roughly the size of Ohio. A very limited number of 3rd or 4th year med students can be accepted. Can be combined with family vacation.

Children of the Nations

Orphanages assist destitute and orphaned children with feeding and clothing programs. Sierra Leone is lush, but filled with thousands of beautiful children that have been tortured and traumatized in a 9-year civil war, left to fend for themselves. Facilities also in Malawi (Homes of Hope), and the Dominican Republic (Marjay Town). We invite short term […]

People Building People

Inexpensive Mission Trips to Juarez, Mexico building homes, community centers, dental and medical missions, teaching English (TESL), loving people, while serving Jesus Christ. Family oriented: children as young as 5 okay. We work hard, worship hard, and interact with the people in Juarez. Inexpensive Medical Mission Trips to Juarez, Mexico for medical, dental, audiological professionals […]

EyeCare WeCare Foundation, Inc.

Permanent and mobile vision clinics in the Philippines serve the rural indigent population. We provide free eye exams and used eyeglasses, eye medication, and eye surgeries to the rural poor. Our mobile clinic serves remote parts of the islands. We need volunteer optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists or other eye care professionals. Students who have skills in […]

World Gospel Outreach

Construction team volunteers are badly needed to help build orphanage housing facilities about 1 hour from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Construction needs are varied, and volunteers are needed to dig footers, build walls, install roofing, plumbing, etc, and paint and finish the houses. WGO schedules around 20 teams of up to 35 health care volunteers each year, […]

Kijabe Hospital (Kijabe, Kenya, Africa) – Affiliated with Africa Inland Church

A 205-bed facility that sits at an altitude of 7500 feet on an escarpment overlooking the Great Rift Valley in Kenya’s central highlands. There are 4 modern operating theatres, a well-stocked pharmacy, intensive care with wall-oxygen and ventilatory support, laboratory with microbiology, and on-site pathology services.

Mission for the Rural People

Without the great work of all our volunteers dedicating their time to help us, it wouldn’t be possible for us to complete our mission. Because of the volunteers, we have made big changes not just here at the orphanage but also around Vellatur including the nearby tribal village where the dedicated volunteers have donated to […]

Chaurjahari Hospital

(Remote area of Nepal)  The hospital maintains a very good standard of care, even though facilities are basic with little infrastructure.

Lamb Hospital

50-bed hospital and community health department in one of the poorest parts of Bangladesh. Programme for handicapped children, offering short-term residential care and out-clinics in the villages. TB programme, nutrition centre for badly nourished children. Established in the 1970s.

BUSES International

BUSES International converts school buses and other vehicles into mobile dental, medical, and eye clinics. Once rebuilt, the vehicles are then donated to missions in the developing world or economically deprived areas of the U.S.

IsleGO Missions

Experiencing God and His people in the Caribbean. Short-term teams to Cuba, Jamaica, the Bahamas. Medical clinics (some med students okay), children’s and youth ministries, worship ministry, construction, discipleship training, literature distribution.

Suubi Clinic

(Busu, and other villages around Iganga, Uganda) Serving the very poor. We need primary care and general practice physicians, other specialists, physician assistants, nurses, public health and dental professionals, doctors, medical assistants, nutritionists, midwifes, social workers, caretakers for disabled children, and those with no medical skills. (UK-based)

Independent Baptist Medical Mission

7-10 day trips to various Central and South American countries. We can use any individuals with health care training in our clinics. We provide a wide range of services and medicines, all free of charge. We work with a local church in the country. Affiliated with Independent Baptist churches

Volunteer in Africa

For medical, dental, and nursing students, interns, medical doctors, dentists, nurses and other health care professionals who want to contribute to the development of and gain experience in general health/medical care. Students shadow local doctors and nurses. Volunteers are placed with government or private hospitals and clinics in any of several countries, including Ghana.

Global Vision Citadelle Ministries

Short term mobile medical clinic teams to Haiti (where there is only one doctor for every 15,000 people). With or without health care skills, you can serve in this land of hot, humid weather, dreadful roads, drought, little electricity, exotic foods and some of the most beautiful and loving people in the world! Short term […]

Champa Christian Hospital

(Chattisgarh, India) This 76 bed hospital offers services including General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Infectious diseases treatment, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, and Community Health. Part of the Emmanuel Hospital Association.

Strategic Alliance Ministries

Creates teams of church groups and individuals from all walks of life for short-term medical missions. Any adult who loves people and has specific talents to share with others is welcome. We work with HALUSA, a Mexican ministry dedicated to advancing the Gospel in remote, unreached Indian areas of Mexico.

Tank Christian Hospital

The Tank Christian Hospital in Pakistan, situated close to the Afghanistan border, provides services to people in nearby region and those coming from remote mountains. It includes surgical, ophthalmic, maternity, and medical wards. Four to five thousand bed patients are treated in the hospital and over 30,000 outpatients visit the polyclinic each year. Affiliated with […]

New Life School (Guatemala)

This is a primary school for special needs children in a Mayan village who can’t gain an education in the Guatemalan school system. Some of the children have severe hearing or vision deficits, learning disabilities, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or attention disorders. Needed: Bi-lingual Speech Therapist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist. Needed: Physical Therapist, […]