Christian Orphanages

Christian orphanages the world over are in need of aid, support and simple helping hands. But most of all, these children are in need of something, someone to believe in.

A father to the fatherless, God reminds us that children hold a special place in His heart. Through the help of missionaries like you, lives are changed in an instant. Teens and students who are newbies to missions or missionaries who cut their teeth in the field, Christian orphanages are by far a favorite place to serve among those who are called according to His purpose.

Come help feed His children. Stay long term and teach them to read or stay a few weeks and just teach them to laugh again . . . no matter how long you stay you will teach them about His boundless grace and endless love.

Though you may only spend a few days among these Christian orphanages in your lifetime, the children who live there for much of theirs will carry your love and introduction to His with them as long as they live. Even more still, you’ll carry the blessing of being a blessing with you every day of your life.

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See! I have carved you on the palms of My hands.’’
Isaiah 49:15-16 NIV

Loving Orphans Global

Opportunities to help orphans in Haiti, Uganda(One hour outside of Kampala, in Kito Village), Kenya, Myanmar (Burma), and Indonesia.-Minimal expense for food and lodging.  -Help teach English in our new school.  -Play and do crafts with the village children. (They are so awesome!)  -Visit the elderly and poor, and encourage and pray for people.  -Can […]

Home Sweet Orphanage Home

(Bugonzi Village, Masaka, Uganda) We accommodate over 40 children under 12 years, mostly girls, orphans, disabled, and those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. We welcome all kinds of volunteers with all kinds of skills mostly teaching skills, kids care and youth training. We operate under the Butende Parish Church.


Our mission is to create family-style orphanages around the world. We’re currently raising funds to build an orphanage near Lima Peru. Volunteers are needed in the areas of advertising, graphic arts and writing. We’ll need volunteers with building experience to work with teams to build family homes.

Philip Hayden Foundation

(China) Langfang and Shepherd’s Field Children’s Villages are designed to model a normal family environment, not the institutional feel often associated with orphanages. They are staffed by volunteers who left their careers and who raise their own support. We’ll arrange trips, accommodations, and sightseeing for volunteers and visitors. Adoptions. (Not necessarily Christian)

I Love You Orphanage

(Freetown, Sierra Leon)  (No web site) The ILYO is in the part of Freetown where the bulk of the population was killed during the war. The children are very poor and need LOVE and to be in a better environment. Help is really needed including a building for 100 orphans and a school in the […]

Children of Hope Center

A Christian school for orphans, and child support & development center designed to save orphaned, abandoned, and abused and HIV/AIDS-affected children. We provide free education, food, clothes and essential medical supplies.

Save the Aggrieving Children’s Ministry

It is the mission of Save The Aggrieving Children’s Ministry is to provide care and comfort to adults and children who have been infected or affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We are both a Hospice for the terminally ill and a Children’s Home for those vulnerable children who have become homeless due to the death […]

Joshua Orphan Care Centre

(Malawi, several locations) A ministry with several facilities including a school, caring for many orphans in Malawi. (Amount of Christian focus and instruction unclear)

Oceans of Mercy Children’s Village

(Port Elizabeth, South Africa) Oceans of Mercy provides a loving home to abandoned and orphaned children in South Africa. Volunteers are welcome on short or long term self-funded mission trips. Medical, educational, and agricultural skills are especially welcome. A great heart is the number one prerequisite.

Hope for Kids Mexico

Teachers needed for a Christian school in Miguel Aleman, Mexico (across the border from Roma, TX). Eagle College, staffed by native teachers and teachers from the United States, provides a quality Christian K-6 education that focuses on English and the Bible. Short term missions teams needed for a Christian school project in Miguel Aleman, Mexico. […]

St. Bartholomew’s Orphanage

(Kajo Keji, Southern Sudan) We’re 12 miles north of the Sudanese/Uganda border. Hundreds of Sudan’s orphan children in this area have no general care and others have been attached to foster parents, but the care they are receiving is horrible. We really need lots of help in building, administration, child care, TESL, music, and Bible. […]

Zimbabwe ministry

(Woodville on the outskirts of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) This Mustard Seed Community property includes a school, chapel, health clinic, a home for children affected by HIV/AIDS, and a home for children with disabilities. Three acres are used for farming and poultry rearing. The produce, eggs, maize, vegetables, and chicken, supplement the children’s dietary requirements. A bakery […]

Shallom House

(Goa, India) Care for orphans and destitute children left on the streets of Goa with first class education, medication and Christian Bible teachings. Volunteers are welcome and should come prepared to live with Indian mentality and teach children skills in arts, craft, games, and to care for the children.

Maison Fortune Orphanage

(Hinche, Haiti) A catholic orphanage supporting many needy children. Volunteer work groups welcomed to inquire.

Tallinn Christian Care Center

(Estonia) We help the poor, the unemployed and the sick that live in many different places in Estonia. Our street kids’ ministry is trying to reach the ten thousand who are living in gangs in deserted houses in Tallinn.

All the King’s Horses Children’s Ranch

A place where kids can be placed who need a Christian home and a loving Christian environment. Future plans are to have a school and some other things also. Right now they need construction workers and house parents. See web site for details.

Friends Orphanage School

(Also Friendly Orphanage) (Kisugu, Uganda) Caring for 120 HIV orphans and 300 vulunerable children subject to sex markets, street abuse, and hunger. Many parents have died as a result of HIV / AIDS. Volunteers needed for construction, teaching (elementary level), careful handling and feeding of infants, gardening, and administration. Affiliated with Cornerstone Miracle Fellowship Church

Ashirvad Home for Orphan and Street Children

50 children, between 5 and 15, at this time, more waiting for help with food, clothing, and shelter. We need volunteers who can teach English, games and crafts, and stories and songs from the Bible, or provide basic medical care. Med students welcomed. 30 children, between 5 and 15, at this time, more waiting for […]

Brazilian Christian Children’s Home

Also known as Lar Cristao, this home has been in existence for over 20 years. Children are from two years to 16 years of age. It is on 18 acres of land on a small farm. Affiliated with Church of Christ and Southern Christian Home.

Him Jyot (Grace Home)

Orphanage in India is seeking warm, easy going, modestly dressed, single gal to love at risk children in least evangelized state of India for one school year. Shared room (with other women) and board provided. Living conditions are Indian standard. Will pick you up in Delhi.

Agape International

We operate children’s homes for AIDS-affected and infected orphans. We welcome short term and longer term volunteers to help us. Because of the stigma of AIDS we also run our own English medium school, for which we are seeking teachers for long term commitments.  Most of our children have never attended school before coming to […]

Community Child Development Orphanage

We have 100 orphan kids who really need the help of volunteers. We’ve a primary school where, apart from normal class programmes, we teach sports, music drama, dance, computer lessons, English practice (spelling game), Fine Art, and Debate. Also mental health and HIV/AIDS counseling and career guidance for teens.

Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation NYOF

(Kathmandu, Nepal) Safety, security, education, nutrition, are provided without regard to race, religion, sex, etc. The children were street kids, orphaned or abandoned, begging at temples and sleeping alone in doorways or under bridges, rain or shine. Some – girls as young as six – have been sold by their families to work as bonded […]


(South Africa) A foster care solution for orphaned and abandoned babies, toddlers and children with HIV – AIDS. Volunteers with love and patience, nursery and practical experience, or organic gardening skills are welcomed to contact us.