Christian Orphanages

Christian orphanages the world over are in need of aid, support and simple helping hands. But most of all, these children are in need of something, someone to believe in.

A father to the fatherless, God reminds us that children hold a special place in His heart. Through the help of missionaries like you, lives are changed in an instant. Teens and students who are newbies to missions or missionaries who cut their teeth in the field, Christian orphanages are by far a favorite place to serve among those who are called according to His purpose.

Come help feed His children. Stay long term and teach them to read or stay a few weeks and just teach them to laugh again . . . no matter how long you stay you will teach them about His boundless grace and endless love.

Though you may only spend a few days among these Christian orphanages in your lifetime, the children who live there for much of theirs will carry your love and introduction to His with them as long as they live. Even more still, you’ll carry the blessing of being a blessing with you every day of your life.

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See! I have carved you on the palms of My hands.’’
Isaiah 49:15-16 NIV

Bethany Christian Home for Children

We aim to provide a loving Christian home environment, Christian education, medical care, and food and shelter where the homeless, abandoned and orphaned will experience newness of life in Christ and grow up in devotion and giving of themselves for service. We welcome inquiries from volunteers.

Promised Land Orphanage

(Tamil Nadu State, India) We are dedicated to rescuing female babies (often only 1 or 2 days old) from being killed by their family members. We care for the children in a Christian environment from infancy through college. We would love to have volunteers. Please contact us through our website for more information

Esperanza Viva Youth Home

(Puebla, PUE, Mexico) A long-term free refuge for neglected, abandoned, and homeless children accepts any youth with the desire to escape life on the streets or whose family is unable or unwilling to provide for them. Our vision is to expand the youth home and its ministries into The City of Hope.

Rancho 3M Christian Orphanage

(Guadalupe, Mexico – across the border from El Paso, TX) We serve about 60 children between ages 3 and 19. Our purpose is to glorify God by teaching our children the ways of Jesus Christ so that they will minister the gospel to the people of Mexico. Christian volunteers are welcome, including hair cutter, mason, […]

Casa Shalom

We give hope to needy children who receive 24 hour care, good nutrition, medical care, a quality education, moral values and learn to play instruments, sing, and present dramas. We need voice, piano, guitar and violin teachers, teachers for computer training, and someone who likes gardening.

Indian Christian Mission Centre

(Salem, Tamil Nadu, India) We are one of the largest orphanages in all India with over 1600 children. Our aims are to provide them with physical and spiritual health. We’re always in need of English teachers: no experience required, any time of year and any sized groups. We are well set up to house and […]

Answering For The Children Ministries

Serving parentless children 0 to 18 years old who are in need of the necessities to sustain life. Established in 1999 by a husband and wife team who act as parents to the children. Volunteers who love the Lord above all else and love children are welcomed (recommendation required). A 501c3 organization.

Coptic Orphans

Paid teaching positions (see online list) in an American school in Cairo, Egypt. Volunteers also welcomed to inquire. Coptic Orphans focuses on the long-term needs of the children and their communities – spiritual, physical, economic, and social – through programs that provide both tangible and intangible benefits. Volunteers welcomed to inquire.

Abba’s Heart Ministries

Abba’s Heart Ministries of Zambia works for the comprehensive care and discipleship of orphans and street kids in a country that is overwhelmed with children in need. Join the rescue team OUTREACH CARE: Mayompapa Weekly Day Camp (every Tuesday) Daughters of Destiny (street girls and their babies) Abba’s Learning Center (Drop in Center in town) […]

Jubilee Children’s Home of Hubei

(China) Located in the En Shi Tujia Miao Autonomous Region in the mountainous region of Hubei, where live the most deprived population in the Hubei Province. We help orphaned and physically disabled children from ages 5 to 18. Volunteers are welcomed to review our website for current needs.

St. Bartholomew’s Orphanage

(Kajo Keji, Southern Sudan) We’re 12 miles north of the Sudanese/Uganda border. Hundreds of Sudan’s orphan children in this area have no general care and others have been attached to foster parents, but the care they are receiving is horrible. We really need lots of help in building, administration, child care, TESL, music, and Bible. […]

Shelter of Grace

(Philippines) Shelter of Grace takes care of both boys and girls from Cagayan de Oro’s street children. They receive nutritious meals, schooling, clothes, books and health care. They are loved and cared for and given the opportunity to know Jesus by a staff of trained dedicated Christian workers. Affiliated with Our Saviour’s Foundation

Campo Alegria

Our goal is to show Christ’s love to under-privileged children who need a helping hand, using the universal language of children: fun! Mission teams have a rewarding opportunity, and our coordinators help you at every step. Volunteers welcomed! – you only need love for children. We will arrange your time around your skills.

Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

(Khirbat Qanafar, Lebanon) Evangelical ecumenical institution provides a healthy home to socially and vocationally underprivileged children. We equip them to become responsible citizens in their societies, nurture them spiritually and ethically, and care for their education. Volunteers must be referred by a church. Many skills are welcomed.

Millhollon’s Training Home for Children

(Belize) Transitional and long term care for youth in crisis. Provides a safe environment, nutritional needs, continuity of care, and encouragement. Promotes educational excellence, teaches biblical principles, develops social skills and supports a strong work ethic. Church groups and volunteers welcomed for short or longer terms.

El Dulce Refugio

(“The Sweet Refuge”. Banos, Ecuador) A long-term home for boys with the goal of teaching them to be effective witnesses for Christ. We accept volunteers but are also looking for a couple long-term to assist our work. We’re an interdenominational, independent ministry, under the covering of a Texas church.

Rancho Santa Marta

Rancho Santa Marta is a non-denominational Evangelical Christian Ministry for needy Mexican children. It is located on a 450 acre working ranch, about 66 miles south of Ensenada, in San Vicente, Baja California.

Global Hope

Hosts mission teams for 2-week trips to Arad, Romania, to work with orphans and abandoned children. Teams of up to 12 or 15 people spend time in orphanages, hospitals, and children’s homes, providing hands-on Christian love. For ages 18 or older, unless chaperoned. (Arad, Romania) Global Hope hosts mission teams for two-week trips to Arad, […]

Lydia Children’s Home

(Manipur, India) This orphanage was established following tribal conflicts during which approx. 300 children became orphaned. We are caring for about 30 at this facility. Volunteers are welcomed to help teach the children in our new Christain school. We have a second facility in Dehra Dun.

Christian Foundation for Children and Aging

This lay Catholic organization creates relationships between sponsors, and children and elderly people in 25 developing nations around the world, including Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and Venezuela. Opportunities for volunteers and […]

Motherly Care Children’s Home

(Nairobi, Kenya) Planned to grow to care for 100 children, one of the most important corner stones of the work is to teach them skills that will enable them to care for themselves. (Affiliated with Seventh Day Adventists)

Faithful Heart Ministry

(Chiang Mai, Thailand) We operate three small orphan homes for hill tribe children. Homes are small family-style, with 5-7 children in each home. We are a social-welfare foundation in Thailand operating as a Christian mission. We need short term volunteers to teach English and Bible-school activities,

Gualan Orphanage

(Gualan, Guatemala) The Reese House, an approved orphanage by the Guatemalan Government, will house up to 30 children. These children receive the love and care they need until a more permanent placement is approved for them, either by adoption or long-term foster care.