Christian Orphanages

Christian orphanages the world over are in need of aid, support and simple helping hands. But most of all, these children are in need of something, someone to believe in.

A father to the fatherless, God reminds us that children hold a special place in His heart. Through the help of missionaries like you, lives are changed in an instant. Teens and students who are newbies to missions or missionaries who cut their teeth in the field, Christian orphanages are by far a favorite place to serve among those who are called according to His purpose.

Come help feed His children. Stay long term and teach them to read or stay a few weeks and just teach them to laugh again . . . no matter how long you stay you will teach them about His boundless grace and endless love.

Though you may only spend a few days among these Christian orphanages in your lifetime, the children who live there for much of theirs will carry your love and introduction to His with them as long as they live. Even more still, you’ll carry the blessing of being a blessing with you every day of your life.

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See! I have carved you on the palms of My hands.’’
Isaiah 49:15-16 NIV

I Love Orphans

The purpose of I Love Orphans is to respond to the current crisis in Africa involving the enormous and overwhelming number of orphaned children in underdeveloped communities. Approximately 1.6 million orphans currently live in Uganda, representing 18% of the estimated nine million children who live in Uganda. Many children are left homeless and orphaned, as AIDS, […]

Coptic Orphans

Paid teaching positions (see online list) in an American school in Cairo, Egypt. Volunteers also welcomed to inquire. Coptic Orphans focuses on the long-term needs of the children and their communities – spiritual, physical, economic, and social – through programs that provide both tangible and intangible benefits. Volunteers welcomed to inquire.

Seeds In His Garden

(Nairobi, Kenya) Helping orphans to break the chains of being stigmatized, and providing exceptional opportunities to become leaders for their country and Make a Difference for themselves and others. All volunteers are welcome to inquire. We’ll try to match your skills and desires to serve with our needs. (Ministry based in Holland)

Mission Aid Project Orphanage

(Makindye, Uganda, East Africa) Dedicated to assisting Ugandan orphans with the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. Our goal is to provide hope and security by meeting the financial, educational, medical, and housing needs of this vulnerable group. Won’t you help us? Volunteers welcomed to inquire.

House of Grace Girls Home

(Northern Thailand) Founded to protect and care for tribal Akha girls that are at risk of being sold into prostitution in Bangkok, House of Grace has been called “the finest children’s home in Thailand.” Located in the mountains of northern Thailand. Affiliated with Global Servants.

Welcome Home Ministries

(Jinja, Uganda) Home for abandoned, sick, orphaned babies and terminally-ill children. Occasional need for volunteers.

AROH Orphanage

We help AIDS orphans and destitute children by supporting them through paying for their formal education, welfare, and medical care. We also have a ministry to widows, an AIDS/HIV education campaign, and other initiatives. Volunteers welcomed to inquire.

Christian Missions Council

The Christian missions Council has been founded to facilitate cross denominational international missions. This summer founder will be traveling to Peru with AweStarMinistries ( and then leading a trip onward to Argentina if you wish to get involved with either of these trips please contact us. (918)808-7767 Directly after leaving Peru, Kyle will be leading […]

Pedacito de Cielo (Little Piece of Heaven)

(Cochabamba, Bolivia) We provide a loving discrimination-free home, the first in Bolivia specifically designed to meet the needs of children (0-5) with compromised immune systems, including HIV/AIDS. We also have a home for girls and adolescents, Corazón del Pastor. We need short and long term volunteers with nursing, nutrition, early education, and other skills.

New Life Foundation Children Home

(Berhamour, Orissa, India) We love, serve, care and pray for the poor, needy, orphan, half orphan, abandoned and down trodden to help them to develop and have a bright future with the love of God. Volunteers must have God’s anointing and spiritual depth in order to lead these children in the proper way.

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services

19 group homes serve 130 children with trained professionals and support staff. We maintain a nurturing environment where children can learn and practice positive behaviors and healthy family relationships. There is spiritual guidance, prayer, Bible study, participation in worship and congregational life.


We seek through Christian love to provide shelter and rehabilitation to girls under the age of 18 who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and to raise awareness among young women about the issue of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) in order to educate and equip them so that they can avoid becoming victims […]

Home of Hope (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Founded in 1992, we currently have 240 children in our School (Nursery through High School), church, clinic and dorms. Our all-Christian staff’s goal is to raise a generation to serve God. Teachers and nurses, as well as any other volunteers, are urged to inquire (English is used here). Assembly of God affiliation

Stream of Hope

Stream of Hope Kamuli, Uganda orphanage is home to 40+ boys and girls aged 6 to 18 years old.  The children are fully cared for, and attend good schools.  Some have health challenges.  Founded in 2008, the home is locally staffed and is operated to honor Jesus Christ.  SOH features a farm, playground, electric power, […]

Vision Of Hope Foundation – Uganda

Vision Of Hope Foundation is a christian based charitable organization focusing on restoring and helping the needy orphans and widows together with the child headed families attain a better future. we therefore seek for organizations and volunteers with a compassionate heart to extend a hand of help.

The Crossnor School

We’re “a private, non-profit children’s home and school in the western North Carolina mountains, serving children who, for circumstances beyond their control, can no longer live at home,” because of abuse or neglect to the point that their well being is threatened.

House of Hope (Mji wa Neema and Sadia Orphanages)

(Kenya) Two small, newly established orphanages in Kenya provide refuge for AIDS orphans and street children. Volunteers who can provide help with carpentry and building maintenance skills, childcare and basic healthcare are welcomed to apply.

Wings As Eagles Ministries

Wings As Eagles Ministries founded in 1995 to bring love and hope to our native youth. We founded The Dream Center on Pine Ridge on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Serving the homeless and abused children on Pine Ridge. Establishing The Circle of Love children’s shelter to provide shelter and love for the […]

Empowerment for Sustainable Livelihood

In pursuit of its mission, EFSL: • assists and supports the improvement of the environment of small and medium scale enterprises in the communities of Sub-Saharan Africa, • provides advisory services for the creation, development and promotion of entrepreneurship, for contributing to the sustainable development process in the region, • engages in activities that give […]

Such Is The Kingdom Ministries (Yamarangulla, Honduras)

Project Talitha Cumi, in operation for 12 years, cares for 25 girls. We have a church, mission house for volunteers, school, deep well water, dental clinic. We need dental teams for ministry from our clinic, a pastor for our church, volunteers to help with building projects, school teacher, administrator.

Its About Kids

(Quito, Ecuador) A great facility for orphaned and abandoned kids. Family settings provide discipleship as well as meeting other needs. Volunteers welcomed, including work teams.

Corazon del Pastor

Corazon del Pastor is a girls home, part of Ninos con Valor. We work from the foundational belief that every child is a unique creation of God with innate value. We provide a family-like atmosphere where girls receive holistic care and lots of love. There are short-term (4 mo. minimum) and long-term volunteer positions open.

Mary’s Child

(Kingston, Jamaica) For abandoned pregnant teenagers, “Mary’s Child accommodates up to 12 women. In addition, it is committed to offering educational opportunities and employment skills to enable these young women to become self-sufficient following the birth of their children.”

Changing Tomorrow Children’s Foundation

Volunteers who love children and are willing to spend time nurturing them can help us to provide those who are abandoned and orphaned the opportunity to grow up in loving, Christian foster homes, where they are feed, clothed, schooled, and trained to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Orphanages of Kenya

Orphanages of Kenya sits on a three and a half acre parcel of land southeast of Nairobi, Kenya. It now sustains the well-being of thirty-six children. These children are part of an estimated 2.5 million orphans in Kenya alone, due to war, malaria and the AIDS epidemic. Living in deplorable conditions, now they live, learn and love in […]