Christian Orphanages

Christian orphanages the world over are in need of aid, support and simple helping hands. But most of all, these children are in need of something, someone to believe in.

A father to the fatherless, God reminds us that children hold a special place in His heart. Through the help of missionaries like you, lives are changed in an instant. Teens and students who are newbies to missions or missionaries who cut their teeth in the field, Christian orphanages are by far a favorite place to serve among those who are called according to His purpose.

Come help feed His children. Stay long term and teach them to read or stay a few weeks and just teach them to laugh again . . . no matter how long you stay you will teach them about His boundless grace and endless love.

Though you may only spend a few days among these Christian orphanages in your lifetime, the children who live there for much of theirs will carry your love and introduction to His with them as long as they live. Even more still, you’ll carry the blessing of being a blessing with you every day of your life.

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See! I have carved you on the palms of My hands.’’
Isaiah 49:15-16 NIV

Impact Africa

Impact Mission Adventures seeks to activate and mobilize individuals from across the world, to step out of their comfortable everyday lives and into the amazing opportunity of making an impact in the lives of a hurting and dying people. Come participate on a short-term mission trip where you will be trained and equipped to share […]

Tapestries of Life Ministries

We provide many ways to have “hands-on” involvement in our missions outreaches in Mexico, only 10 miles south of the US border. Individuals, churches, mission groups, youth groups … there’s an opportunity for you! We’re now building an orphanage for 400 children, with several other facilities planned. Come help us!

Project Talitha Cumi

(Yamanranguila, Intubica, Honduras) A small girl’s home with a vision is raise up girls in a Christian environment. We need couples a few months each year to provide furlough time for the directors. We also need teachers (don’t need certification or ed. degree) to teach English and/or math. Also, nurses and doctors for our clinic. […]

Children’s Medical Missions

We help bring children to the USA for medical help. Hosting families are needed to travel with and escort the children. Medical professionals who are willing to donate services stateside are also needed.

Christ Alive Corner Orphanage

Helps about 60 children by giving to them shelter, food, health care, school, and a new vision of a better life with more justice and Christian love. Construction workers needed.

Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza

Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (Children’s Shelter of Hope) or RISE in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a Shelter for babies and children under the age of 14. Some are orphans or come from unbearable situations having been abused, neglected, or simply abandoned. Some have been transferred from other facilities because of overcrowding and many have been […]

Casa Bernabe Orphanage

A city of refuge for more than 150 helpless, abandoned, or at-risk children, set on a beautiful 13-acre campus near Guatemala City. Volunteers and work teams welcomed to inquire to schedule a trip.

Strategic Angel Care (SAC)

We serve orphans and hurting children in St. Petersburg, Russia and Eastern Estonia. We serve in Orphanages, Shelters, Day Centers, and Camps. Our trips are usually in April, July – August for camps, and October. Evangelical individuals, families, and groups are welcome! Many skills are useful, like games, sports, computers, music, but not required.

Boanerges Deaf Initiative

Boanerges Deaf Initiative based in Uganda. Christian not for profit organisation for Deaf children and people in need. Providing education to most needy Deaf people over Uganda. Operating different small projects. Visitors welcome to be part of this Deaf ministry.

Mission in Church Nepal

Mission in Church Nepal has ministry opportunities such as leadership training development, church planting, women’s ministries, and children’s ministries.  They are also working to improve conditions in the local community through environmental health education, house visitations, and home construction.

Global Volunteer Network

(Not necessarily Christian) We place volunteers in community projects worldwide. Assist in orphanages, or participate in educational, environmental and community aid programs including teaching English, and AIDS education. Current projects in Alaska, China, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ghana, Nepal, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam.

Shane Perry Smith Christian Foundation

(Zambia) We plan to build orphanages in all NINE provinces of Zambia, each facility holding up to 500 children. We will employ widow’s to look after our children, in these facilities. We will need Christian volunteers who will love to experience working in an orphanage in Africa.

Sunshine Acres Children’s Home

Sunshine Acres is a home for children who are separated from their parents for any reason.  We’re a Christian home in Arizona for children who might otherwise be homeless.  We’ve never turned a child away due to lack of funds.  Over 1700 children have been given the chance for a better life.    


(Nairobi, Kenya) Provides a home to abandoned children until determination of their HIV status is made. Those not infected are adopted or cared for by traditional social services agencies. Those with HIV+ are given the best nutritional, medical, psychosocial, and spiritual care available. (Roman Catholic)

Child and World Agape Outreach

The mission of CWAO is to raise orphaned and destitute children of ages 3-15 years under the love of God in a Christian family set-up and provide them with basic necessities of life and a hope for the future. There are about 400 orphans under our care.

Ministry of Mercy

(Otutulu Village, Kogi State, Nigeria) This is the largest orphanage in Nigeria with over 300 residents. Aunties (many of whom are widows or outcasts themselves) are assigned 12 or so children. This is a completely Christ-centered work. Scheduled trips. Volunteers welcomed: Any skills, including construction/repairs, medical, love for children.

AIM for Restoration of Hope

We are a pro-life ministry whose mission is to scale up the response of people to the needs of orphans in Uganda, and to mitigate through spiritual, health, and socio-economic assistance the needs of children who have been orphaned as result of HIV/AIDS.

Faithful Heart Ministry

(Chiang Mai, Thailand) We operate three small orphan homes for hill tribe children. Homes are small family-style, with 5-7 children in each home. We are a social-welfare foundation in Thailand operating as a Christian mission. We need short term volunteers to teach English and Bible-school activities,


Our mission is to create family-style orphanages around the world. We’re currently raising funds to build an orphanage near Lima Peru. Volunteers are needed in the areas of advertising, graphic arts and writing. We’ll need volunteers with building experience to work with teams to build family homes.

Watato Wa Africa Orphanage

Watoto wa Africa is a voluntary, not-for-profit, organization. Our aim is to improve the welfare of vulnerable children and to provide for their basic needs (shelter, food, clothing, education medical care, etc.) We believe all children, including the 108 in our orphanage, should be given the right to develop intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as […]

Mission of Joy Orphanages

(India) Works to show the love of Jesus Christ to the people of India through evangelism and care for the widow and the orphan.

Magodo Childrens Home

(Nairobi, Kenya) Provision of basic needs i.e. food, shelter, clothing to destitute orphans children between the ages of 0-18 years of age and to further meet their educational, recreational emotional, spiritual and psychological needs according to our ability. Many needs with which volunteers can help.

Mary Martha Boys Cottage

(Trissur, Kerala, South India) Boys home, night club for wandering street boys, poor home, home for the kids left by their mothers, old age homes, churches, hospitals. Orthodox Syrian affiliation.

Hope For Mexico Missions

HFMM is a Christian missionary organization that is committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico. This is being accomplished through church planting, Bible teaching and small business creation, while providing short term mission trip opportunities. Some long term openings too. Short term missions teams needed for a Christian school project in […]

Hill Voice of Christ

Greetings in Christ’s name from Bangladesh! We are a family of believers seeking God’s kingdom to be established here in Chittagong Hill, Bangladesh. We are in need of regular outside mission team helpers and individuals who desire fellowship. Wishing you all the best. Please email for more information: