Christian Mission Trips For Retiree Missionaries

Friend Ships

Friend Ships offers humanitarian relief world wide, and is an ideal short or long term Christian missionary opportunities for all ages, singles and families. For professionals, lay people (skilled or non-skilled) who can serve as unpaid missionary volunteers. We operates three ships. We need engineers, electricians, mechanics, carpenters, drivers, plus people with maritime skills. We […]

Camp d’action biblique

Based in Quebec, Canada, this is a 62 acre camp where children and youth can grow in their relationship with God and with other Christians. Quebec with its multiculturism, is a mission right on our doorstep! Come help us staff these camps. Some camp experience a plus. The fields are white but the labourers are […]

ORA International

A non-denominational Christian relief and development organization that serves people in need around the world. We run development aid projects and is active in disaster response. We are looking for staff, mainly in Central Asia, with appropriate training and experience. For vacancies see our website.

Congregation of St. John

The Catholic Community of St. John in Saltillo, Mexico has an urgent need for volunteers who will live in Community homes with poor children (helping with schoolwork), visit and pray with families in the surrounding areas, provide medicine, operate a soup kitchen, and so forth. Skills of all kinds are useful. Roman Catholic

Reach Across

Red Sea area, West Africa, Middle East: Nurses, physicians, eye doctors, dentists, gynecologists, midwives, nutritionist, community health, more. In Central Asia, female doctors, midwives and nurses for clinic, part of indigenous medical ministry. Helping Muslims follow Jesus. Clinical med students may be accepted in some of the countries we serve in the Middle East, West Africa, […]

International Network of Children’s Ministry

Volunteers needed to work from their homes and/or our office in Castle Rock, Colorado, to network via phone calls, emails and the web. Also some computer work. Year round help is great, but especially during August through December. We provide training and resourcing of leaders for ministering to children. We offer funded partnerships (grants) with […]

Project Homecoming

Project Homecoming is a New Orleans rebuilding and community development non-profit. Born out of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Project Homecoming continues to provide displaced families with a chance of getting home to the city they love. We have completed over 230 homes in New Orleans, as well as promoting our work force development program, participating […]

Vital Links for Humanity

Short term trips to Vietnam for lay people, medical, nursing, and dental students, and professionals. Teach and work at hospitals, orphanages, and schools. We need CPR instructors, and people skilled in teaching Bible Studies. All inclusive cost around $2000. 17-day summer trips to Vietnam for lay people, medical, nursing, and dental students, and professionals. Teach […]

Samaritan Residential Schools

(Elagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, India) At Samaritans, a student is not just a student; he or she is a child entrusted to our care. Students are expected to learn tolerance, acceptance, respect, high morals and good character. Located in a rural setting. We seek Christian counsellors, teachers in English and other subjects, administrative staff, dorm […]

Payatas Mission Outreach

If you’ve ever felt the Lord urging you to minister in the Philippine Islands, please consider joining us. We are particularly interested in the Payatas area (much more on our web site), but will discuss all areas. Some understanding of Tagalog is of value, but English is the official language of the Islands. (Baptist affiliation).

World Indigenous Missions

We do short term missions into Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, China, Spain, South-East Asia, Russia, Romania, Philippines, and more. The opportunities are endless. You participate in evangelizing, medical missions, children’s ministry, city outreaches, rural ministry, etc.

Living Bread Ministries

Come serve in slums in the least evangelized city in southern Brazil, where only 0.3% of the population is evangelical. Ministries include: homeless, feeding and clothing, children, visitations, special evangelistic services, church planting, and more. All ages and families welcome.Contact us for details.

South West Africa Ministry (SWAM)

Visit missionaries, see their work, include a work project experience with local church and congregations in Namibia, Botswana. Visit historic, cultural and geographic sites of interest to experience role of Christianity and missions to the region. Trips range from 7 to 10 days. For families, groups or individuals.

Timber Bay / Youth Investment

Christian adults develop long-term relationship with troubled youth through a camp/community ministry in Minnesota.

Kiev Christian Academy

An international K-12 school started in 1993 for the purpose of educating missionary children in Kiev, Ukraine. We are a unique community of missionary families, teachers and Ukrainian staff that work together not only to educate Third Culture Kids, but also to care for their emotional, social and spiritual development.

American Indian Mission, Inc. Southwest Region

Adopt a camp, VBS, work project, etc. on a multi-year basis. We’re planning more youth sports camps, music camps, wilderness camps, and horsemanship camps with Native teens. We do evangelism, youth & children’s ministry, handyman work, office skills, more. Places for part-time or full-time adult volunteers, tent-makers, and retirees.

Matthew 5:16 Ministries

We minister to children and youth of Nicaragua: children’s home, youth center, feeding programs, pre-schools, churches and more. Also missions houses for youth, adults and seniors for short- and long-term volunteers. We can plan your itinerary, provide transportation, food and translators. Volunteer teachers in all categories welcomed. Long term volunteers need Spanish and should submit […]

Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation

Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation is affiliated to the Quaker Church ministering to poor children in Nairobi, Kenya. We need retirees, educators and others with a heart for children to help us with their basic needs and teaching. Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation needs short term and long term missions.

Grace International School

(Dhaka, Bangladesh) We provide high quality Christian education to 180 pupils aged 3-16 from 30 countries. Our pupils love school! We seek teachers experienced in western education systems who relish the challenge of serving in a stimulating part of the developing world. Generous local salary + benefits, initial 2 year contracts. High quality, christian, child-centred […]

Cornerstone World Miracle Ministries

(Kampala, Uganda) A church and church planting ministry reaching the unreached with the Gospel, healing hurting hearts, making disciples, and serving the material and spiritual needs of the poor. We welcome qualified Pastors, Evangelists, Nurses, Teachers, or Missionaries, especially God fearing Christians. Pentecostal

Girls Educational and Mentoring Services

At times we may need a house mother to supervise transitional living program for at-risk teenage girls in New York City. Duties include cooking, group facilitation and basic counseling and support. English necessary, Spanish a plus. One year commitment requested.

Voz Que Clama Mission

(Costa Rica) Come, serve and grow in this Christian community that believes in the power of the Holy Spirit and the saving grace of Jesus. We pray for others, and provide for their physical needs. Visitation, outreach to indigenous peoples in the Chirripo Mountains, hammer and nail work, Children/family discipleship, immersion Spanish school.

Joint Christian Services Mongolia

(JCS International) This consortium of 15 missions agencies seeks teachers (including TESL) and volunteers for medical services; engineering; community development; church planting; Alcoholism / addiction recovery; men’s, marriage, sports, family ministries; Bible; agriculture; business; poverty alleviation; social work; more!

Missionary Tech Team

Provides technical services to like-minded Christian organizations. Inquire if you would like information on joining our dedicated faith-based missionaries with expertise in engineering, construction design, landscape design, graphic design, display and brochure design, computer networking, software development, furlough vehicle leasing and web site design and development.  All kinds of engineering and trades, including architects and […]