Short Term Mission Trips

Short term mission trips might only last a few weeks . . . but they could change your life and the lives you serve for a lifetime. If you are out for the summer from college or just have a few days to spare, short term missions are a convenient way to serve when you can’t commit long term.

But don’t let their length fool you.

When you are bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ, when you are feeding the hungry or simply helping the hurting heal . . .

You are making an impact for Him.

From hurting hearts here at home to war struck countries we’ve seldom even heard of, regardless of creed or the language they speak, whether they serve our God or no god . . . we join together to do what we can and bring the life-changing power of Jesus Christ to a world in need.

Read on for more information on short term missions in your area and abroad . . .

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33 ESV

India Christian Ministries

We are an indigenous ministry serving the poor, the widows and the orphans of the state of Andhra Pradesh through our network of local churches. We are always happy to have short-term teams come and work with us.  We have instituted programs, events, and camps to address needs such as health and hygiene, education, famine […]

His Hands International

Guatemala Missions & Vacation! Let an experienced missionary couple lead you on an exciting & relaxing missions journey in Guatemala. Trips are all inclusive. Safe 3000 acre complex with an orphanage, nutritional center, retirement home, and much more! All ages. Just bring a willing heart to serve!

Royal Missionary Outreach International

At Royal Missionary Outreach International, we seek to engage missionaries or volunteers with or without skill to help in our mission fields in Nigeria and Niger Republic. Our missionaries work hand in hand with our volunteers and there are several opportunities for any interested missionary or volunteers. We are looking for facilitators on computer, adult trainers, […]

Samboan Fund

Cebu, Philippines Operates a free Medical Clinic for the poor. We feed malnourished people, especially children. There is a 40% rate of malnourishment part of the year in the area. Speakers of English and/or Tagolag can help us, as can Cebuan Nurses, Doctors, and Dentists.

South West Africa Ministry (SWAM)

Visit missionaries, see their work, include a work project experience with local church and congregations in Namibia, Botswana. Visit historic, cultural and geographic sites of interest to experience role of Christianity and missions to the region. Trips range from 7 to 10 days. For families, groups or individuals.

IsleGO Missions

Experiencing God and His people in the Caribbean. Short-term teams to Cuba, Jamaica, the Bahamas. Medical clinics (some med students okay), children’s and youth ministries, worship ministry, construction, discipleship training, literature distribution.

African Children’s Mission

(Kenya, Uganda) We need individuals who are called of God to serve in any of the following capacities for career or short-term assignments: School teacher, agriculturist, Bible teacher, evangelist, administrator, office manager, teacher, accountant, IT specialist, vocational skills, children’s worker, medical personnel, carpenter, engineer, or anyone with willing heart and hands. Call 205 620-4937

Bibles For The World

We take individuals and groups to India on life changing, short-term missions in March and October. Join a work team, teaching team or ministry team. More on our “Missions” page. Email or call (888)382-4253 for a brochure. Download an application. Member of ECFA and EFMA.

eXperience Israel

eXperience Israel is a spiritual pilgrimage designed for young adults. This two-week endeavor to the homeland of Yeshua will help solidify the foundations of your faith and provide life-changing encounters with God, His Land, and His People that will benefit you for years to come. Affiliated with Chosen People Ministries

True Friend Ministries

We invite you to come to Himachal Pradesh, India, for Mission Trip. You can volunteer by teaching spoken English, evangelism, training Christians and missionaries, medical camp, women and children Ministry, helping the needy etc. Please see our web site for more.

HOPE Unites Short Term Teams

(Humanity Outreach Partners Enterprises) Kenya, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, and Peru are typical destinations. Help in Orphanages, construction, etc. Address issues of poverty, global injustices and assist in the aftermath of natural disasters in the United States and internationally. We work directly with our humanitarian partners.

Launch Out Ministries

We plan and operate mission trips to Africa for Church, youth group, college, and medical teams, and individuals. You must have a willing heart to spread the gospel, and be 16 years old or older. Visit areas such as Wild Coast and Cape Town (South Africa), Swaziland, Mozambique, Lake Malawi, Zambia, more.

Voz Que Clama Mission

(Costa Rica) Come, serve and grow in this Christian community that believes in the power of the Holy Spirit and the saving grace of Jesus. We pray for others, and provide for their physical needs. Visitation, outreach to indigenous peoples in the Chirripo Mountains, hammer and nail work, Children/family discipleship, immersion Spanish school.

Exodus Vision

The mission of Exodus Vision is to equip churches in the African Great Lakes Region for evangelism, education and economic development. Exodus Vision has trained hundreds of pastors in Malawi, Burundi, and Rwanda. There is a great need for ongoing training and follow up. During the year, we send  teams to train trainers who use video materials translated in African languages […]

PresAID Uganda

Teams of pastors, water / civil engineers, medical personnel, enterpreneurs, child-care specialist and others, is the most appropriate way to implement our holistic approach of meeting physical felt needs as a means to spiritual life. Affiliated with First Presbyterian Church In Uganda (Not necessarily with Presbyterian groups in the USA)

Medical Mission Outreach

Short term medical mission work with an emphasis on helping the local New Testament church in foreign countries (mostly Central and South America). We need MD, CRNP, PA, RN, LPN, CNA, Medical Students, Nursing Students, EMT, Paramedic. Independent Baptist affiliation.

Kaleo Missions

We create relational, affordable missions experiences for groups. We partner with full-time ministries to serve some of the most vulnerable people in the United States: refugees, elderly, kids in poverty, homeless families, etc. Mission trip sites: San Diego, CA; Portland, OR; New Orleans, LA. Cost $55 per person per night. A ministry of InFaith.

Isibani Community Centre

We work to address the growing needs of the Zulu population living in the Champagne valley of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. We need volunteers to provide many services including health care, education, welfare, councelling counseling. An urgent need is for someone with administration skills.

Free the Oppressed Foundation – Honduras

Choose what projects you want to do based on your team’s experience and strengths and we’ll take care of everything once you get here: lodging, food, transportation, permits and paperwork, translators, and tour guides. Help in our Children’s home, rehab center, or prisons, food distribution, more.

Love A Child Ministries

If you are not afraid of bats, rats and “creepy crawly things” come spend a week in Haiti. You may ride a four-wheeler, cross a river on foot, or ride a mule up a mountain. Open air crusades, medical clinics, Pastor Seminars, ministry to children or construction projects. There is something for everyone to do.

Orthodox Anglican Communion Cameroon

Missionary opportunities in Cameroon Africa. The Orthodox Anglican Communion represents a large fellowship of believing Anglicans who have recognized their biblical obligation to preserve the faith of our fathers and our commitment to the Gospel of Christ in all of its truth. We will appreciate any one who is led to start this community in […]

Arctic Outreach

We place workers in communities in Northwestern Canada and Siberia for evangelism and Christian-in-Service ministries. We also conduct VBS camps. We need SS and VBS teachers, school teachers, tutors, mechanics, pilots, and providers of elderly services, who can live in isolation without conveniences.

AIM for Christ, American Indian Missions for Christ

We’re dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to American Indian Reservations. Our hope is to raise up and train disciples to evangelize surrounding reservations. You must have a willing heart to serve, be born again and lead by the Holy Spirit, and be from Junior Hi to Adult age. Non-denominational.


Current opening on web site. Openings of many kinds in several Asian countries. English is okay in many locations. Teachers for developmentally delayed special needs, and autistic children in Asian countries. Email Two to 12 month programs on the field, working with missionaries, across Asia, the Gulf, the Middle East and North Africa. Need many […]

Experience Mission – Immersion: Six Month program

Consider giving six months and immersing yourself into four unique cultures and countries. You’ll wrestle with how to make your faith real and relevant. Be prepared to give tirelessly and expect to be blessed immeasurably by the people you encounter. You’ll be in each place long enough for your life and your actions to possibly […]