Outreach to the World

Outreach to the World started in 2004, when five women members of a Bible Study group traveled to Kenya. Our lives were dramatically changed! The lack of clean water and the consequent rampant illness and death … and the ever increasing number of orphans were so disturbing that the group was determined to put its efforts in helping in this […]

Joni and Friends

Joni and Friends mission is to evangelize and disciple people affected by disabilities. We train, disciple, and mentor people affected by disability to exercise their gifts of leadership and service in their churches and communities. We energize the church to include disabled persons into the fabric of worship, fellowship, and outreach.  


EvangeCube is designed to use pictures to teach about Jesus Christ to people who are unable to read. The cube unfolds into seven parts, and a script is provided for the narrator. It is available in Spanish as well as English. The cubes cost $8.00 each (or less — depending on the quantity ordered).

Student Matters

Student Matters  organize custom mission trips and or choir tours, taking all the administration and planning tasks to leave your student group free to minister.

Higher Ground Leadership Academy

We are a co-educational establishment with the mandate to raise godly children and evangelize the 4-14 window. Need Christian educators for science and art subjects. More so, to impact godly precepts with eyes on raising future leaders who will run with the torch of God’s light.   odesa.david@yahoo.com

Glorious Vision Orphans

Following his passion and desire, Mr. Williams Yirenkyi developed an idea to care for children who urgently need help and founded GLOVO in July 2009. Due to incidents of mishandling of children at certain orphanage homes in the community and the fact, that not only orphans should be supported by the organisation’s welfare programs, Mr. […]

Havilla Children’s Centre

Havilla Children’s Centre is located in one of the largest slums in Kenya, Africa.  There is extreme poverty. We offer education, a feeding program and healthcare for children 3 to 7  years old. We welcome volunteers to help cook, teach, healthcare, sports and activities. Plus donations to help cover the costs of our ministry.      

Memphis Morning Center

We are a ministry providing free maternity care up to and including hospital birth to women in underserved areas of Memphis, TN in the name of Christ. We are an evangelical, pro life ministry with Reformed leadership & gospel focus. Please email or call if you are interested in short term missions and particularly if […]

Redeem With God

Missions organization using performing arts to liberate vulnerable girls and boys in Kenya. We thoroughly train our missionaries for cross cultural relationship building.

SIFAT (Servants In Faith and Technology)

Involved in countries in both Africa and South America, SIFAT (Servants In Faith and Technology)  focuses on clean water and sanitation technologies and provides training in sustainable agriculture. Practical Applied Technology workshops. Topics include environmental concerns, water purification, sanitation, alternative energy sources, clean-burning simple stoves and ovens, much more.

Kibogora Polytechnic

Kibogora Polytechnic is a start-up Christian university in the beautiful West Province of Rwanda. We seeks active or retired academic professionals for 6m or longer assignments to the roles of Academic Registrar, Dean of Faculty, Dean of Students, Academic Quality Officer, Librarian. Appropriate qualifications for each role are essential. Long term accommodation available on Kibogora […]

Welcome Home Ministries

The mission of Welcome Home Ministries is to provide holistic faith-based, Christ-centered programs offering peer-driven supportive services for women in transition from incarceration into the community.  We work to give individuals the opportunity to regain citizenship, return to school, acquire jobs and most importantly, be reunited with their children.  

The Sold Project

Our mission is to prevent child prostitution through culturally relevant programs for vulnerable children and to share their stories to empower creative, compassionate people to act.

Briercrest College and Seminary

Briercrest College and Seminary is a community of rigorous learning that calls students to seek the kingdom of God, to be shaped profoundly by the Scriptures, and to be formed spiritually and intellectually for lives of service. Briercrest College and Seminary also operates Caronport High School.  


SIM USA has been launching workers into ministry around the world since 1893. We are committed to cultivating multicultural mission movements that respond to need, proclaim the gospel, and equip the Church. With more than 120 years of ministry experience, our passion is to continue to see the Body of Christ in all places, among […]

Wings As Eagles Ministries

Wings As Eagles Ministries founded in 1995 to bring love and hope to our native youth. We founded The Dream Center on Pine Ridge on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Serving the homeless and abused children on Pine Ridge. Establishing The Circle of Love children’s shelter to provide shelter and love for the […]

All Nations

Serving in Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and the Middle East, All Nations’ mission is to make disciples and train leaders to ignite church planting movements in the developing world. They have  short-and long-term opportunities.    

International Messengers

Relationship-based short-term trips to Europe teaching English in a camp environment. In addition to our adult Evangelistic English Language Camps, we also have camps for sports, children, youth, families, and professionals – business people. We also offer career mission training: four months in Montana with 18-month internship in Europe. Our Mountainside Missionary Training offers career […]

Good News India

To transform communities in Eastern India, (particularly Orissa, Western Bengal, Jharkand and Chattisgarh) through Children’s Homes (called Dream Centers), Leper Homes (Cities of Refuge), Youth Conventions and Strategic Leadership conferences.  Our desire is to create a great organization through a great commitment to the Great Commandments and the Great Commission. At present there are 26 […]

Davis Bible College

The only accredited Bible college in New York State, Davis offers a one-year TESL certificate, and a four-year BRE with a TESL emphasis. Here for inquiries.


UK Organization lists many opportunities to teach in mission environment, teach missionary children, locations of schools, and other resources relating to the education of children. UK based OSCAR directory lists several opportunities for training, assistance, counseling, and advice for those returning from mission assignments.  

SEED – Summer Engineering Experience in Development

SEED-Engineering students and professionals join 3-month global service projects to improve the lives of people in underserved communities. Water supply and quality, information and communication technology (ICT) education, renewable energy development, and food processing/ storage. (Not necessarily Christian)

INRI Ministries

INRI (Intercessory Network for Revival in India) wants to reach India both spiritually and socially. To reach many villages INRI needs prayer, volunteers, and financial support.  They are planning and praying for mission premises in villages where there will be a prayer tower/counseling center, water plants/bore well, a small clinic, orphans home, English medium school, […]

Christian Leadership University

Put the voice of God in the center of your learning experience. Get equipped for power evangelism! CLU offers Spirit-filled distance learning in 13 areas including Ministry and Missions, Evangelism, Counseling, Worship. Certificate, and Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees. Experience God!